About Subscription Scripts:

        It all started with our original product:

The Subscription Script - Coded and designed to be a solid and long lasting and easily plugable solution that WON'T cost you an arm and a leg or require constant upgrades or recurring fees to use.

It was designed with the little guy in mind: The Bare-bones  Startup, The Solopreneur on a Shoestring Budget, The Freelancer, The Consultant, the Internet Marketer, The Developer/Designer, and the Subscription Box Club Merchant. 

Most scripts and software (and most things, really) are now designed with an intended "expiration date" - a date when said product would become obsolete and would require an upgrade in order to function, or is fed frequent and unnecessary bloated "updates" which really just tax the system resources until they require a higher performing model to function without frustration when it worked fine before, or more blatantly require a subscription or renewing licence or said product will cease to work.


                        NOT IN MY HOUSE!!!

You will find no such tactics employed here. We employ the same quality, useability and product life expectancy/longevity with all of our products as we did, and still do with our Original Subscription Script, which continues to outperform its competitors over 5 years after it's initial launch without the need for any paid upgrades between then and now. Largely due to it's versitile, open-source and plugable architecture written in simple php and html, giving even a novice an easy means of adding functionality to the script as well as integrations, namely the unprecedented ease of adding payment gateways, such as Stripe, 2co and Clickbank, and Bitcoin, or transitioning to Payza from the former AlertPay. 

We are also committed to ethical and attainable pricing.No user of The Subscription Script to date has ever incurred more than $197 Lifetime Cost of Ownership - over the course of 5 years and counting!

This, again, is because we don't believe in creating the need for paid upgrades, recurring fees, licence renewals, per-domain charges or superficial/unneeded "upgrades"

The Original Subscription Script

The Subscription Script: Easiest Memberhip Site Software Made Affordable

we build lasting products that your budget will love

Let's go head to head with the pricing models that are most common among our competitors:

1) The Monthly Recurring SaaS Model:

    Can range in pricing between $20 - $199/mo or MORE plus Transaction     fees

Low End Competitor's Pricing   VS       Our Pricing:

$20/mo x 12 mo = $240/yr                             $98.50 One Time

$240/yr x 5 yrs = $1200 Spent                         Still the same $98.50      

Year 1: Pay at least $141.50 MORE                    SAVE $141.50 Year 1!

​Year 5: Paid at least $1101.50 MORE        SAVE $1101.50 over 5yrs!

It's Safe To Say We Totally Kick Their SaaS on Pricing!

   2) The Annual Licence renewal, Usually on a per-domain         basis:

       Typically ranges from $149 - $400/year or more per domain, not               including any plugins

       Low End Average Competeitor:                Our Pricing

        $250/Year (1 domain, no plugins)           98.50 (Unlt'd Domains,                                                                                PLUGABLE architechture)

         $250 x 5 yrs = $1250                  vs       $98.50 Total

         OVERPAID $1151.50                               SAVED $1151.50!!!

                             Second Consecutive Smack-Down!

   3) "Free Opensource" That is far from free:

          I can't think of a better example than WooCommerce for this model

          Let's pretend you want to sell Subscriptions (obviously included with           us) and you want to accept PayPal and Stripe (or Authorize.net,                   either way), which is also included in our docs, and some of your                products are digital while others are physical (again, included with              our docs) and you have an affiliate program (also included with                  us)..

"FREE" Woo Commerce costs:

1) a theme in order to look halfway presentable: $50+ 

2) Genesis Framework for that theme:  $60

3) Subscriptions Plugin: $199

4) PayPal Plugin $129

5) Stripe or Authorize.net plugin (roughly same price): $99.99

6) Digital Downloads Plugin: $79.99

8) Tax/VAT for physical products plugin: $70

9) Shipment Calculator Plugin: $30

10) Affiliates Plugin: Between $60-150 PER MONTH

            So Year 1:     (low end for item #10)          $1437.98 minimum for "Free" Woo Commerce....

Need I say any more??

   The Subscription Script:          $98.50 Period